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Diabetes medication reduced from 5mg to 1mg in just 2 months! Sugar levels (HbA1c) dropped naturally from 10.4 to 7.4

Mr.Sanjay Kulkarni, a diabetic patient for the last 30 yrs, explains his diabetes reversal journey. In this video, Mr.Kulkarni talks about how he brought his HbA1c level from 10.4 to 7.4, reduced medication from 5mg to 1mg and increased his overall energy and enthusiasm, after joining HealthOnWay.

Our services to help you beat diabetes

Doctor and Patient

Doctor Consultation

Team of doctors on board to help you define your health goals and guide you through a plan to achieve them, while they track your progress.

Diet Consultation

A personalized meal plan with balanced nutrition along with your preferences to help you achieve your health goals.

Healthy Morning
Robotic Lab Assistant

Pathology Services

Ensuring every critical parameter is on track. Digital progress reports to help you understand your health better.

Our team of experts for all round care to help you manage your diabetes

Young Doctor

Diabetes Reversal sepcialist

Dr Shilpa Devenhalli

15 years experience. University of Delaware

Young Doctor

Health Caoch

Varun Sai

Ask us anything about diabetes.

Young Doctor

Anuradha Palnitkar

Nutritionist (27yrs exprience)

Eat right to reach your health goals. Help you cut down on extra weight and focus on reducing your blood sugar level

Young Doctor

Dr Manali Bora

Physiotherpist & Fitness Expert

Keeping You Fit. Tailor made fitness schedule and training to suit your body from expert physiotherapist.

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